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          Titanium technology the Golden Touch

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          Titanium coating technology can be titanium ions accelerated after the strong magnetic field nonlinearity in metals, non-metallic surfaces such as golden color composite coating layer , is the product to get super- hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance , to achieve permanent not faded imitation gold, silver and luxurious effect , the " Golden Touch " reputation.

          Shaanxi Province dragon Titanium Products Co., Ltd. is a Rotary Long Electrical Manufacturing Co., Ltd. under the branches , its leading product for titanium products . Titanium products are high-tech products , used in mechanical processing, plating of various tools , tool and die hard , hardness, cutting life can be increased 3-10 times , especially in the " Yellowknife " much welcome the international market . Titanium jewelry is brilliant prospects , such as earrings , rings , souvenirs, necklaces, with cards , low prices , comparable with gold. Titanium tableware, very elegant , make your cutlery Shining brilliance. Titanium mirror panels, is an ideal material for major hotels, hotels, shopping malls and decorating decorative , color into golden, jewel orchid , rose gold, black and other colors.

          Chairman and Managing Director designate waves would like to sincerely cooperate with all friends are welcome to call to discuss business.