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          Control cabinet

          FJJ-Z series intelligent pump control cabinet

          [ 信息發布:本站 | 發布時間:2008-04-15 | 瀏覽:3180次 ]

          FJJ-Z series intelligent pump control cabinet


          This series of pump control cabinet for AC 380V, frequency 50HZ, Power 22 - Buck's 115KW electric pump to start, run, stop the whole process of monitoring and protection.

          The product uses a digital display and integrated circuit design with multifunction protection technology. High sensitivity, fast and reliable action, setting current value of the analog and digital displays, etc., according to the different internal structure and protection functions into FJJ1-Z-and FJJ2-Z type; FJJ1-Z type with phase, overcurrent, undervoltage protection function; FJJ2-Z type with phase, overcurrent, stall, phase unbalance, undervoltage, leakage, fault lock protection. Technical parameters are as follows: phase failure, the operating time <2s; overcurrent, has a good inverse time characteristics; stall, operating time <3s; Unbalanced operation time <2s; voltage, operating voltage is below 75% of rated voltage , the control box refused closing; leakage, leakage current> 30mA when operating time <0.1s;. fault is locked, when due to the fault action, with failure to retain required manual or power reset.