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          Control cabinet

          FZ pump intelligent controller

          [ 信息發布:本站 | 發布時間:2008-04-15 | 瀏覽:3012次 ]

          FZ pump intelligent controller


          This product is the use of microcomputer chip control technology, modern digital fuzzy intelligent control technology in one of the special pump startup protection and control devices, with phase, overcurrent, dry run, short circuit, leakage, unbalanced three-phase full-featured protection technology, high sensitivity, reliable protection, small size, especially with free on-site commissioning precise tuning, auto-tuning parameters and protecting memory and so on. For AC 380V, frequency 50HZ protection and control of pumps. The product 3 - 18.5KW to full pressure start; 22 - 115KW for the buck starts.