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          About Us

             Shaanxi Fulong Pump Company,Ltd.(former Shaanxi Fufeng Water Pump Plant)is a backbone enterprise assigned by the former Ministry of Machine Industry to produce electric submersible pump.The enterprise,which was formed in 1958,is located at Famensi-a world famous Buddhist sacred place.The company occupies an area of 33,000 square meters.It has a history of more than forty years for producing"Fulong"brand electric submersible pumps.in 2000 the company passed the identification of ISO9001 quality system.
          The company is mainly engaged in producing the"Fulong" brand electric submersible pumps of 7 series such as 150QJ,175QJ,200QJ,300QJ,QS and WQ with a flow ranging from 5 to 320m3/h and lift from 6 to 600m,totalling more than 300 varieties and specifications.
          The "Fulong" brand electric submersible pumps are extensively used in the fields of water supply and drainage of various water conservancy projects,urban industrial of mining enterprises,public facilities,drainage and farmland irrigation.At present has been formed an annual output of over 10,000 units of pumps of various categories with an output value of more than 80 million yuan.The company features strong technical forces,advanced equipment and excellent workmanship.The products have won for many times the titles of quality products of the Ministry of Machine Building and Shaanxi Province.Currently,the company's marketing networks and points are scattered all over the country and the products are enjoying a good reputation in overseas a markets in Southeast Asia and other places.
          Shaanxi Fulong Pump Company,Ltd,by making full use of the first class design and manufacturing technologies of machine pumps and with the help of the high-efficiency utilization of water and the safe handling of the environment,will satisfy the requirements of customer and work hard consecutively to get a better living environment of the human being.